Understanding Venetian Mask Authenticity

Once you have decided that you want to collect Venetian Masks, it is important to understand the types of masks available, particularly online. Venetian masks are also known as masquerading masks. They were first worn over 1,000 years ago. They were in constant use for 800 years and then fell out of favour. The original wearers of the masks discovered a new life of pleasure when they were able to roam the streets of the Venetian region without anyone identifying them. They are now used as a Mardi Gras and party accessory. Several different styles were worn over the years and now the most common mask is the Columbino mask. It is a half face mask that covers the top half of the face and allows the wearer to eat and drink without removing it. When collecting, it is important to know how authentic the Venetian mask is.

Here you will learn the 5 types of authenticity.

1. Authentic New: These masks are for the serious collector. The item was made in the period that it represent and has never been used. This type of Venetian Mask is extremely rare today and very expensive.

2. Authentic Used: These masks are also for the serious collector. They were made during the period of interest but have been worn. They may be provided with a story or simply as an item. An authentic used item would most likely show some wear and tear. It is difficult to comprehend that a used Venetian mask would survive because of the delicate nature of the original construction. Check these masks for any repairs.

3. Reproduction: These masks are copies of the authentic masks. However their mode of manufacture or materials may have been modernized. However, some modern mask maker still make the Venetian masks in the same way. The decorations may be the main difference.

4. Decorative: These masks are made in recent times and do not attempt to follow the traditions or other features of the authentic masks. Decorative masks are usually made with mass production in view.

People collect all types of masks. It may be difficult for the untrained eye to tell them apart; however the price is usually a good guide. Decorative masks are usually the least expensive. It is possible to make a Venetian mask at home, since the materials are easily available.

Start your collection of Venetian masks, knowing that there are different levels of authenticity. Irrespective of which ones you collect, have fun and wear them to appropriate functions. You might even start a trend in your area.

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