Handwritten Letters As A Revolutionary Communication Tool

Organized during Augusto César (62 a. C. – 14 d. C.).), It could also be the first real postal service. The service was called the publicus field and was equipped with light carriages called rhedæ with fast horses. In addition, there was again a slower service equipped with two-wheel carts (birolæ) pulled by oxen. The Massachusetts Court of Appeals has designated the Richard Fairbanks Tavern in Boston as the official place of postal delivery to or from abroad, a practice that has been used by England for a long time.

Postal rates were based on distance and weight and were standardized throughout the system. Franklin served as Chief Executive Officer of the Joint Post Office for the Crown until he was fired in 1774 for his strong support for the independence of the colonies. Franklin, however, left a legacy of postal roads stretching from Maine to Florida, regular postal services between the colonies and England, and a system to regulate and control post offices. In Franklin’s 18th century, most correspondence, both personal and commercial, was handled by hand. The most reliable postal route in the colonies was by boat along the coast. Roads between colonies were not well marked or well maintained and delivery service was poor at best.

The US postal service USA It has confirmed that its mail volume decreased by approximately 20 percent between 2006 and 2010. However, many companies and citizens still use it as a more formal means of communication. Even before the Internet fully evolved, email developed in the 1970s as a way to send messages from one cutii postale bloc computer to another. In the past, both users had to be online at the same time to send and receive messages through a central system. It was a computer network called ARPANET that has contributed greatly to the development of email. Instead of just texting, we can also transfer media files and other attachments.

Those seeking faster delivery can at least turn to Pony Express, a private service that began driving between St. Joseph, Missouri, and California in April 1860. Passengers rode specially selected horses on average 75 to 100 miles per day and changed horses at established relay stations at intervals of miles along the nearly 2,000 mile route; The trip took around 10 days, about half the time of regular land mail. The post office closed with the Pony Express for just a few months before service was suspended in October 1861, shortly after the completion of the transcontinental telegraph line. Letters and their delivery through a state communication system were a hallmark of many ancient cultures.

In particular, it helped unite the new state of California with the rest of America. Postcards and postcards are small postcards that are mailed without an envelope. Postcards are often printed today to promote tourism, with photos of resorts, tourist attractions, or humorous messages on the front and allowing a short sender message to be written on the back. Postcard shipping costs are generally less than the shipping costs required for standard letters. Modern alternatives like telegraph, phone, and email have reduced the appeal of paper mail for many applications.

In other cases, postal systems allow savings accounts and passport handling requests. Publishing or publishing is a system for the physical transport of postcards, letters and packages. A postal service can be private or public, although many governments impose restrictions on private systems. Since the mid-19th century, national postal systems have generally established themselves as a government monopoly, with compensation for prepaid article. The proof of payment is generally in the form of a self-adhesive stamp, but a postage meter is also used for mass shipping. With the advent of email, the “snail publication” of the retronima was conceived.