Soccer World Cup Rule Changes Floated

Is the World Soccer sport getting out of hand? No one likes to watch a world class soccer game with constant fouls, free kicks, yellow cards, and angry players. Soccer is better than that. Still, if these things are not fixed then many fans including myself are sure to migrate away from watching the games. Let’s discuss this for a moment, but, first I’d like to recommend you read an interesting article on this topic; as there was an interesting article in Wall Street Journal the day before the 2010 final game between Spain and Netherlands;

“A Modest Proposal for Improving the Game,” By P.J. O’ Rourke.

Now then, in this article the author made mention of many potential new rules for World Soccer and specifically the World Cup. His article was written a few days prior to the final playoff game between Netherlands and Spain. He suggested the following potential changes; Instant Replays, Hand Ball blocked shots, and No Tie Games in World Cup, not even in Group Play.

Do those sound reasonable? I’d recommend that you go read that article and then come back to this discussion, you should be able to find it online. Okay so, if you are in line with my thinking you cannot fathom tie-games in group play; I mean a team either wins or it loses, how can you have so many ties and keep it all straight? There are winners and losers in real sports – face it. This is not grade school where everyone get a stupid certificate for participation!

Next, blocking a sure goal using your hands when you are not the goalie, should result in an automatic goal, not a free-kick – something which happened in the world cup finals, and the free-kick was missed, thus, encouraging other players from attempting this in the future and risking the free-kick to save the goal. We shouldn’t encourage cheating as a new strategy or tactic.

With regards to instant replays – well why not? We have that in other sports. The US Soccer Team was cheated out of 2 goals and bad calls in the World Cup, that’s not fair! We can prevent these things, which affect the outcome of the 월드컵토토 by allowing instant replays!

How about this rule, one that I came up with after considering the WSJ article;

If you are constantly fouling in Group Play, you cannot participate in the finals? Indeed, like most spectators, I was completely troubled by the amount of yellow cards and penalties from the Netherlands team against Spain in the final game of the 2010 World Cup. And like most foreign spectators who didn’t necessarily have a favorite to win, I be






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