Here Are The Top 8 Interior Trends For 2022, Experts Say

There’s no denying how the pandemic has fundamentally changed the world, including the way we live in our homes. We move away from big box stores and to vintage items, first out of necessity due to supply chain issues, and now, for design reasons, to add charm and character to every room in the house, including the kitchen. Here, interior designers from across the South share their predictions about what’s trendy in kitchen design for 2022 and beyond. If there could be one space in 2022 that could encompass all interior trends, it would be this sleek kitchen from Studio McGee. Light and airy, with natural elements such as plants, warm woods, rattan, this modern European-inspired farm kitchen is timeless and fashionable. In furniture, patterns and architecture, the angular and geometric shapes that have been popular in recent years are replaced by softer, wavy lines.

The interior trends of summer 2022 are dominated by organic shapes. A new armchair or spicy stool will prepare your living room for the summer. Lemieux et Cie 2021 was an interesting year for interior design. We saw a lot of new interior trends, including more traditional looks, fluted and wallpaper all over the place. But many of the styles that were popular in 2021 won’t stay that way for long. The founder of Studio RODA, Rodrigo Albir, believes that in 2022 we will see a focus on natural materials, especially in spaces such as living rooms.

With a mix of modern coastal style and nancy meyers-inspired interiors, the coastal grandmother’s aesthetic is all about a laid-back, lofty lifestyle that anyone can embrace, even if they don’t live near the coast (and aren’t a grandma!). In this trend you will see a lot of furniture with easy to maintain white covers, colors of the sea and sand and natural and organic elements, all of which speak of a relaxed and more intentional way of living and decorating. 2022 is almost here and that means it’s time to plan ahead when it comes to what will be trending in the new year. To get an idea of what to expect, House Beautiful turned to some of our most trusted designers and they didn’t disappoint. Below, we share their predictions for 2022 trends for home decoration, interior design and living rooms. The new year is just around the corner and it’s time to start looking at the interior trends of 2022.

With that in mind, I’ve explored the interior trends and design styles of 2022 to share with you. Housewives are becoming confident from the inside out when it comes to decorating in the 2022 paint color trends. And while our love affair with wallpaper is a lifelong romance, there’s always room for a little seasonal adventure with creative painting ideas. This style takes elements of others, natural materials and looks inspired by nature, to create its own distinctive atmosphere.

Natural fibers, products made from recycled materials, vintage furniture and products made to order. This summer 2022, the trend of interior design will also change your home and your way of life. On the way to renewing your interior, make careful decisions and donate, sell or recycle items you no longer need. “‘Color of the Year’ selections correlate with where we are as a society,” says Ginger Curtis, owner and chief designer of Urbanology Designs. “People need healing spaces that are restorative and calming.” She hopes that these earthy greens will be combined with other nature-inspired colors, such as azure, warm brown and soft gray. “We’ve seen many customers use rich chocolate brown colors and lighter camel colors for their interiors,” Zandy Gammons and Liles Dunnigan of Miretta Interiors in Raleigh, North Carolina.

2022 will be an interesting year for interior design, as we collectively try to return to normal. Still, it’s a new normal, and many of us will continue to spend a lot of time in our homes for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re moving into a new home, renovating your current home, or even considering any of these ideas, it’s important to choose furniture, décor, and finishes that won’t look dated next year. Just because natural materials are fashionable doesn’t mean you can’t be colorful. An accent wall in the living room in a deep green (did we mention green is good?) adds depth and accentuates reflections on your shooting pads or a plush rug. The interior trends of 2022 are not only limited to the interior, but also extend to the exterior.

And in 2022, those who will be present in the long run will have priority. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of it, which is why choosing furniture and decoration that are not marketed or updated year after year will become more popular. But expect even more nods to nature in 2022, with earthy colors, natural materials, and indoor and outdoor spaces reigning supreme. With the addition of natural elements, textures, vintage pieces and earth tones, the farm style grows into a classic and timeless aesthetic. It’s been a long year, so we have good reason to rejoice at the thought of the 2022 interior trends we like the most.

Even walls get texture treatments through techniques like limewashing and paint products that mimic plaster finishes, says California designer Lindye Galloway. To achieve a cozy, layered look through furniture and accessories, look for a variety of materials such as natural stone, leather, wood, and metal, as well as high-textured fabrics such as bouclé. Overall, Modern home interior ideas the aforementioned interior trends of 2022 are the ones to keep in mind. However, some notable mentions also include biophilic themes, bursts of bright colors, wall and ceiling ornaments, textures, terracotta, colors of the year, painted doors, and vintage accents. While some of these are newer trends, many old ones also come back to mix things up.

The curves were mentioned in Pinterest’s trend prediction report for 2022, which noted a significant increase in search interest in curved walls and living room sofas over the past year. Now, soft lines, arches and curves are popping up in the furniture collections of a wide range of retailers, notes North Carolina interior designer Kristin Bartone. She traces this trend back to our collective desire for comfort in stressful times, as curves and rounded shapes feel inherently smoother and calmer than sharp corners and straight lines.

I have seen wallpaper in closets, on the ceiling and as the cover of an opaque closet to blend into a room. Our paint colours aren’t the only thing that will get softer and warmer in 2022, so are our wood stains. “Manufacturers have developed a happy medium between ultra-dark furniture and super-washed shades of gray,” bartone says.