11 Best Places To Visit In The Busan 2022 Guide

It covers the island and is named after the Dongbaek trees. The park offers beautiful ocean views even in winter. Although the church is false, the architecture is beautiful and the sea view is impressive. It is worth a visit if you have a passion for photography. For more information about Korea and to visit a place where you won’t meet hundreds of tourists, Tongyeong is the perfect day trip from Busan.

This is the perfect event to attend during Busan in December. Busan is an incredible city in the south of the country in the Baltic Sea. It is a very popular destination for foreigners, especially during the hottest months such as late spring, summer and early fall. That does not mean that winter is not a time to visit.

The traditional “Finnish sauna” would be excellent during the cold winter in Busan. That’s half the pleasure of traveling, exploring a new area and eating all the delicious meals. One day I will arrive in Korea and follow your guide for three incredible days in Busan. You will find a wide variety of food and shopping options, from food stalls on wheelbarrows to restaurants. You can experience everything you want with your local street food. I lose myself in cultural cities is my favorite part of travel.

Nampodong Market is the third largest market in South Korea, with plenty of lip-smelling Korean dishes, trendy clothing stores and some unique thrift stores and souvenirs. Get off at Nampo station and the market is just a few minutes walk away. Enjoy shopping and eat delicious street food from the stalls. You will definitely have a great time exploring this vibrant market. The beautiful location of Busan, just 120 miles from Kyushu and Honshu, two of Japan’s major islands, is only part of the appeal.

It was built after the Koreans became independent from the Japanese. Today, handprints and stars are on the roads, and the area is packed with many great shops and street food markets. The things you have to do at BusanBusan are full of culture. The city has everything from 대구오피 temples dangerously on the edges of the cliffs to artistic cities full of street art. Sea Life Busan, located on Haeundae Beach, Busan, is a huge aquarium with about 250 species and up to 35,000 sea creatures seen through acrylic windows or from an underwater tunnel.

From pick-up to delivery, both my husband and I absolutely love the Busan experience! Steve is great, he is knowledgeable, funny, he knows all the great places and he is a photographic genius! We have learned a lot about each of the places we have visited and frankly we would recommend this tour 100%!

You will also find many quirks such as a fried fish paste cake, a hot bar and a strange frozen beer. There are also some tasty orange jelly balls with peanut powder. Although I didn’t like the food there, try it for the experience.

It never sounded like he was just reciting a learned text. All explanations were fresh, enthusiastic and lively. Our group asked many questions, many of which were not limited to Busan, but to Korea in general, from ancient history to current events. We talk about everything from economics, fashion, food and etiquette. I never got the impression that Beth was struggling with an answer. In Korea we often struggle with language and some details were lost when translating.