What Features Should You Look For in a Grain Cleaner?

grain cleaner

There are many different types of grain cleaners on the market. There are 480 grain cleaners, ALS-30 grain separators, Farm King OVV-220 grain cleaners, and Gjesdal Model 400 grain cleaners. Here are some features you should look for. Listed below are some of the main features to consider when purchasing a grain cleaner. A grain cleaner can be a useful tool to improve the quality of your grain.

480 grain cleaner

The Farm King 480 Grain Cleaner uses a two-stage cleaning process to remove rocks and dockage from your grain. The cleaned grain is easier to store and can be used as animal feed. The 480 Grain Cleaner features a 48″ diameter drum and 15″ wheels for easy transport. Its auger is powered by a Monarch 1.5 kW single-phase electric motor. The cleaner’s capacity depends on the amount of trash and moisture in the grain.

To assemble the #480 grain cleaner, first lift the drum and cone assemblies into the frame. Then, secure the bearings underneath the rear frame with lock washers, flat washers, and hex nuts. Make sure the bearing collars are locked in place and aligned properly.

ALS-30 grain separator

The ALS-30 grain cleaner is designed to separate light seeds from heavier ones using a gravity separation process. It works by using a rotor with an encircling round part and an air flow that is adjusted using flaps on individual zones. The product is then fed into the scrubbing zone where it is separated further.

This machine has several advantages. Its high-frequency agitation and adjustable speed control make it ideal for seed cleaning operations. It has a patented technology and enables the user to separate seeds based on their relative density. It works on all types of grains, including those grown for livestock feed and other crops.

Farm King OVV-220 grain cleaner

The Farm King OVV-220 grain cleaner is a hydraulic power pack equipped with a nine-horsepower motor that can clean large amounts of grain in a matter of minutes. Its versatility allows farmers to use it next to a dyer or off-grid location. Learn more about roller mill here.

Gjesdal Model 400 grain cleaner

The Gjesdal Model 400 grain cleaner is a farm-sized seed cleaning machine that can process forty to fifty bushels per hour of grain. It features a metered control gate for the incoming grain, adjustable speed controls, and an internal vacuum that keeps dust to a minimum. This grain cleaner is suitable for a wide range of seed sizes and types.

Facet Engineering 480 grain cleaner

The Facet Engineering 480 grain cleaner has a compact design and can be used for fine cleaning and pre-cleaning. Its air separation system and vibrating screens remove impurities. Its optional trash pan collects fines and moves them to one end of the cleaner for easy cleanup.

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