How to Tell When a Full Moon Occurs

When is the next full moon? It happens when it is positioned on the opposite side of the earth. This also means that it can also be found on the sun’s opposite side. This is a monthly occurrence that typically happens on the fourteenth day or the fifteenth day. It have always been fascinating to many people.

1. The first answer to the question is to know when the moon comes at a one hundred eighty degree longitude angle with the sun. This can be done by a person who graduated astrology.

2. The second answer to the question is to look at the calendar that can assist you in calculating the specific date when it will happen. The calendar you should use should reflect the date in another zone of time than the one you are in. In your calendar a full moon can happen on the seventh day of June but in other parts of the world it can happen on June sixth or eight. Most of the calendars in the world have been based on when the full moon happens. Some of the calendars you can use to know when it will happen are Hindu and Chinese calendars.

3. The third answer to the question is by basing it by the several festivals that occur during full moons. These include the autumn festival that happens in China and the Easter that is celebrated by the Christian world. There are other countries that celebrate different ceremonies during full moons.

4. The fourth answer to the question is to calculate it by having the formula D equals 20.362951 plus 29.5305888531 then multiply it over N plus 102.19 over then multiply it by 10^{-12} the multiply it by N^2. D represents the total of the days in a month. N represents the total of the full moons that occur. It starts with zero.

5. The fifth answer to the question is to use the lunar month calculation. The lunar month pertains to the 2 phases for a new moon. This can be determined by basing it on the orbital time of the moon. You can also use the gap occurrences of the new moon phases. This usually happens between the twenty seventh day or the twenty ninth day of the month, so if the new moon phase happens on these days the full moon thus will happen two days after that.

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