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When opening an offshore company in event agency hong kong, you need to appoint at least one director, but their number can be unlimited. They are not required to be residents of Hong Kong.

A minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of fifty are required. Shareholders may be individuals or entities.

A company registered in Hong Kong must also appoint a local person or resident of the company as a company secretary.

How to start a business in Hong Kong

Foreign investors have two options for setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong. They can register a new company or buy a registered company.

Companies that are only registered but have no liabilities or assets are called castodial companies and can be bought by investors who do not have time to wait for a new company to be established. After the purchase, investors can invest the directors and secretaries of the company, increase the share capital and change the name and address of the registered office.

Investors wishing to register a new company should know a few facts. First of all, the desired name of the company must be checked with a commercial register. If it is not a duplicate or is too similar to another, it can be reserved.

Subsequently, the following documents must be submitted to the registry:

Registration form,

The founding act and the statute

A copy of the founders’ passport,

A letter of recommendation from the bank to non-resident shareholders or directors,

A copy of the Hong Kong identity card of shareholders or directors residing in Hong Kong and a copy of the parent company’s registration.

Documents (corporate shareholders only).

14 days after registration, the registered offshore company must also submit the following documents:

Notice of a registered address,

The decision to appoint a director (s) and a secretary and their consent to act in this position

Other documents requested by the company’s registration office, depending on the nature of the activity.

You must open a bank account and register the company with the tax authorities within one month of registration.

Special requirements for doing business

Management of a trading company, shop, travel agency, restaurant, employment agency, educational company, financial services company, event agency – these are activities that require a license, so it is important to contact the competent authorities. The type and number of permits and licenses required vary greatly from company to company. We recommend that you hire a qualified lawyer or business consultant in Hong Kong to get professional advice that will definitely help you start your business on the right footing and within the legal framework of this city-state.

Only after the above steps have foreign investors taken the steps can they start a business and take advantage of opening an offshore company in Hong Kong.

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