Cable News With An Agenda – Is That Fake News Too?

This is an incredible story of the oppression of the free press among those who want to take the reins of power. And this was noticed by more than one philosopher; Who owns the media, he owns the minds of people. Today we see Silicon Valley, namely Google and Facebook, that want to remove from their websites what they call “fake news,” namely Google news and Facebook news feed. It’s certainly a pretty slippery slope – mass censorship. Indeed, both companies were caught suppressing right-wing news and supporting positive news against left-wing politicians.

In Washington, D.C., work is underway to prevent fake news in the media or online, so that foreign governments do not try to undermine our elections or poison the minds of our people for propaganda. However, from the media coverage of this campaign in Washington, D.C., it is clear that the target is alternative right-wing online news. Mainstream media fear that they will lose millions of viewers and therefore huge advertising revenues, in favor of online news sites – a competition they would prefer to avoid. All these forces; major media, the Democratic Party, the main social networks and Internet search engines are teaming up to check our information and control the minds of the masses?

If you judge history, the answer is yes. All dictatorships, communist countries and even the Nazi regime worked very hard to keep the news under control. Even terrorists, spies and national States that support terrorism use this information for propaganda purposes.

On January 7, 2014, Foreign Affairs magazine published an interesting article titled; “The Problem of Fake News” Al Jazeera, “Judy Bahrah. In my opinion, every news agency has an agenda and has enormous power that holds people’s minds. When we discussed this in our think tank, one thinker noted;

“The author of this article put Israel at the center of its judgment, then came to the conclusion of the contradiction and summarizes it as follows: 1. I do not blame them for the abuses against journalists who lie,

  1. I think I should side with liars because the 2nd Amendment says it’s their right to lie. “

The think tank notes that it’s a dangerous emotional tease, not a fact, and says he prefers to read on American networks because he often has to turn to the BBC and other media to find out real news.

How, these are really interesting comments. However, when I watch media such as RT (Russian TV), they often have a negative orientation to the United States, sometimes they are right and we look in the mirror, sometimes it’s just annoying negative rants. More like a clockwork, just a few times a day. Al Jazeera America, I think, is often better than RT, but not when it comes to sectarian issues in the Middle East, it’s also a one-sided street. RT is usually on the left, which makes sense. Modern news, well, requires a keen eye and dedication to read between font, chips and sound fragments.

When we watch FOX News, they lean to the right, and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC — they all lean to the left and seem to attack everything on the right. I ask; that’s really REALLY NEWS – guys – it’s all fake news, that’s my opinion.

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