Our employees of asbestos scientists and consultants are certified and licensed and have extensive experience conducting asbestos research, asbestos control of job development, and asbestos management. I will focus specifically on asbestos regulations in Southern California, but the principles here apply to construction and property projects across the country. You should always contact local government agencies before continuing a commercial building restoration or renovation project. Sienna’s expert staff can conduct comprehensive building surveys to identify the location of the asbestos, design the disposal plan, and track the project during and after the fight. Let our experienced team help you map and plan your project to maximize the safety of building residents and optimize facilities and overall management.

And when asbestos-containing materials decompose, the carcinogen fibers are released into the respiratory environment. Therefore, regulations require an asbestos investigation report for buildings that are renovated or demolished to protect personnel and residents. Federal regulations require asbestos investigation reports for applicable buildings that are being renovated or demolished. The purpose of this requirement is to protect construction workers and building residents from inhaling asbestos fibers. In most California jurisdictions, construction and security departments will not approve permits without an asbestos investigation report and an asbestos control plan. An asbestos management study is NOT intended to provide an assessment of asbestos risk prior to renovation or demolition work.

But just because your property has asbestos-containing material doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at risk for health problems or serious conditions like mesothelioma. In any case, it is best to remove these materials to ensure that your property remains secure. Although the formats for asbestos management studies differ slightly between organizations, all of the above information should be included in the full document. The report should be easy to read and easy for the customer to effectively manage any identified asbestos risk. Renovation and demolition research is necessary when materials are altered as part of a renovation or demolition project or other types of construction work. Renovation and demolition investigations should be carried out whenever construction work is planned.

Best practices, such as labeling materials such as asbestos, help control the risk of potential exposure. If you have asbestos material that you know is at high risk of damage, you can hire an authorized asbestos professional to remove the material and stay ahead of the problem before it becomes a problem. Without a survey, you may never know the possible risks of asbestos in your building.

Depending on what the inspection reveals, it may require safe removal or on-site management of asbestos. The inspection company must also be independent from all reduction companies contracted asbestos management company to carry out asbestos removal operations. During periods of real estate due diligence, cautious buyers and sellers request asbestos investigation reports and major investigations.

Therefore, it is important that you understand the basics of the asbestos control survey, what it will contain, and how to use it. You should also understand your legal legal duties and what the asbestos control survey will include. Asbestos exposure poses huge health and safety risks that must be managed or eliminated as soon as possible. If your building requires asbestos identification, the inspection process is carried out by an industrial hygiene consultant.

By identifying all of your asbestos materials, you can take precautions to avoid altering asbestos materials. A complete construction survey involves collecting and analyzing all suspected asbestos building materials that contain asbestos content. While this survey is not necessary for a company or building owner, there are many benefits to conducting a survey. Renovation and demolition studios are intended to locate all asbestos in the building, as reasonably possible. It is a disturbing and completely intrusive investigation that must penetrate all parts of the construction structure. Asbestos tests are performed to determine the location and size of asbestos-containing materials on the site.