5 Benefits Of Assisted Stretching

Regular stretching with support allows you to increase flexibility and put less strain on your muscles, resulting in better performance and comfort. Instead, sessions are adapted to meet an individual’s unique needs and can last from 25 minutes pain relieving roll on to over an hour. Although requirements vary by study, therapists are generally certified in personal training, massage therapy, chiropractic or physiotherapy. They follow an additional course in the study-specific stretching methodology.

The report provides the therapist with a visual image of muscles that are weak or unbalanced, which can hinder sports and which areas pose a high risk of injury. “The elderly may need longer stretch times than recommended for 15 to 30 seconds … The 60-second static rack holders were associated with greater improvements in hamstrings flexibility in older adults compared to shorter wineries. Ten weeks of static stretching of the trunk muscles could increase spine mobility in older adults. Static stretching of the hip flexors and extenders can also improve the gait in older adults.

They want to feel something after their massage, and when they do, it’s that feeling and the service they offer that keeps them with you. Ann Frederick, co-founder of her husband, Chris Frederick, PT, of the Stretch to Win Institute in Chandler, Arizona, said her assisted stretching method creates more movement in the body and tackles joint decompression. “We physically move your body through space. It is a greater movement compared to myofascial, which is more local and direct. We work more worldwide. We move through different parts of the body, ”said Ann Frederick.

Assisted stretching is a unique therapy and training system that drastically improves your flexibility by extending your fascia. The fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all structures in your body. The problem is that the fascia can thicken and shorten when one of your tissues is under pressure due to poor posture, injury, postoperative or overtraining.

You don’t necessarily have to attend a guided stretch session to take advantage of these benefits, although it can help you achieve these benefits. Improve flexibility: along with a wider range of motion, you can enjoy more flexibility when regularly participating in assisted areas. So you can not only move more freely, but you will not feel so limited or stiff. Stretching assistant is a sure way to get back your full range of motion, recover from an injury or achieve your sports goals.