15 Best Eyebrow Makeup Products For 2021

If you want to tame your eyebrows but you don’t have time to worry about it, choose a multitasking product like this cult favorite. Yes, but don’t forget that this is the only product you need. In addition, the more than 2,300 reviews speak for themselves. The tear point at the end of this eyebrow pencil helps you to give it the desired definition and shape. Turn the pencil at the end to the spoolie brush to smooth out the pencil strokes for a more natural look. Like a style mousse, but for your eyebrows, Clinique’s painted formula increases the body of your eyebrows while they form slightly.

The brush of this painted gel consists of heart-shaped fibers that deposit the product in your eyebrows for a more complete and denser appearance. The bristles spread evenly and without scales, so it won’t end with eyebrows that look too greasy or made. If you still decide if an ointment or ink suits you best, try this double-sided formula. Available in nine shades, it has an ointment on one side to shape your eyebrows and an ink point on the other to help you replicate small, thin hairs. If your goal is to build the mold, try this Maybelline ointment.

Slide the microflock palette along the eyebrows for a waterproof, tinted finish that provides up to 16 hours of wear. This is like having an eyebrow lamination at your fingertips. This is one of the most expensive pencils on the list, but be patient with me: no eyebrow pencil holds a torch for Tom Ford’s eyebrow sculptor in terms of a natural finish. It has a “calligraphy” tip, it is almost impossible to spoil and stays all day. This micro pencil is a new version of the traditional IT Cosmetics eyebrow pencil.

With its sleek appearance and super slim tip, Dior’s twisted eyebrow pencil is a makeup artist and GH Beauty Lab expert. “One of my favorites: it is highly pigmented and the retractable thin pencil allows fine application,” said GH Beauty Lab’s senior chemistry, Sabina Wizemann. The eyebrows always seem to generate a lot of controversy and strong opinions, as trend styles vary widely from decade to decade.

This is perhaps the highlight of Charlotte Tilbury’s new line of eyebrow products. A stripped gel gives credible pigment along with a strong retention structure that resists moisture and sweat. Use it only for a brushed appearance or use it to configure your eyebrows after completing with a pencil. As every beauty man knows, the possibilities are endless when it comes to eyebrows. Explore some of our favorite eyebrow makeup options below that cover all the basics of the eyebrow, from shape and fill to configuration and accentuate.

With the precise dot you can create more realistic hair strokes for eyebrows that are not drawn. Use the pencil to sketch the shape of your eyebrow and fill in the holes with light spring areas. Combine in the shape of the bow with the soft blend brush for a more defined appearance. This highly pigmented eyebrow gel adds a full opacity color and tames the rebellious eyebrows with a smooth matte finish. Then fill the front of the eyebrow and the remaining scattered areas using the tip of the brush to apply the formula directly to the skin. It doesn’t matter if your face is decorated with thin, scattered bows or thick, thick eyebrows from Instagram’s dreams.

The pencil section helps fill the individual hairs while the powder softens the hairs on the eyebrows and keeps the pigment in place. When her eyebrows are so low that they are barely there, these feathers are ultra-thin tipped to her new best friend. The tip of the micropoint makes microblading brows it easy to forge super realistic hair strokes and the waterproof formula remains for fully credible, natural-looking eyebrows throughout. Associate Beauty Director Sarah Kinonen says she never leaves the house without Sisley Paris’ 3-in-1 Phyto-Sourcils Design eyebrow pencil.

It has a brush to prepare on one side and a sloping pencil for precise application on the other. Finding the best eyebrow pencil can make a difference when it comes to framing your face. Especially now that we not only wear masks, but also a double mask, even more emphasis is placed on eye makeup. The right eyebrow pencil provides an easy way to add definition to the face, even if only for a zoom meeting.

I do the trick ~ make-up artist ~ and fill those areas with light strokes so that the product does not stay too strong. It is absolutely not a product that I would recommend to make a completely new eyebrow. Once I fill them, I brush my eyebrows with a Spoolie Sephora to combine the product to get a more natural look. The pencil comes with its own spoolie, but it is thicker and in my opinion mixes better.

The experts at GH Beauty Lab love this classic L’OrĂ©al Paris eyebrow pencil for the effortless look it creates at a great price. “The shades combine well with the actual color of the eyebrows and look natural,” reports Wizemann. “It fits very well with the eyebrows and the pencil is very soft, so there are no striking lines.” “At first I found this pen a bit tricky, it is ultra pigmented, just like normal felt advice, so you have to approach the eyebrows with an incredibly light touch.”. Once I mastered the light hand, it was easy enough to add some definition to my eyebrows. The ashy tone is perfect for brunettes who are tired of buying eyebrow products that leave a warm / orange mold.”