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They are the largest parrot species and are known to be gentle and noisy. Even greater was the extinct dodo, a close relative of the pigeon family. These ratites, threatened with extinction by humans and their domesticated companions, were victims of circumstances. Although there is no complete specimen today, the birds were registered with weights up to 50 pounds. About the size of a chicken, they are the largest living pigeon species.

The rainbow lute has bright red, green, orange and colorful plumage. Peacocks must be one of the 10 most beautiful birds in the world. Peacocks are originally from India, but are a common take on stately homes in the UK.

Hoatzin, a primitive Amazon species, supposedly smells like cow dung because of its vegetation-based diet; Some people claim that the aroma is really more pleasant. They are the only bird species with a ruminant digestive system, such as that of a cow. And like cows, they spend a lot of time lying down and digesting. Especially dinosaur-like, the chicks of the species even have claws on their wings, which they can use to climb trees. Although they are clumsy flyers, birds can jump into the water and swim like dicks when threatened by aerial predators or trees.

The main identifying features are a bright white spot on the back, a jet black stripe on the eyes, a red beak and impressively long, generally white tail feathers. The falconry abatement west linn tail should make this feathered friend a most beautiful bird in the world. There are so many species of beautiful tropical birds and the red-haired male Trogon is one.

Kiel-invoiced toucans are native to Latin America and are common in the rainforests of Mexico and Colambia. The most attractive feature of this bird is the huge rainbow-colored beak with shades of yellow, orange, blue, green and red. The strong, curved beak is another striking feature of a scarlet macaw. An adult scarlet macaw is between cm long and weighs up to 1.5 kg.

The beautiful Spatuleta is a beautiful looking hummingbird that only occurs in the Andean cloud forest in the north of Peru. The male is the attractive bird of its kind with a blue crest and a decorative throat covered with small iridescent feathers. Another striking feature of this bird is the exceptionally long pair of spatula-shaped rear springs. Spatula tails are one of the fastest flying birds in the world and it is impossible for the human eye to match the speeds. The golden pheasant is undoubtedly one of the most colorful birds in the world.

A popular pet bird for kids, cockatoos love to cuddle, scratch their heads and generally spend time with you. They like to walk on your shoulders and are part of your day. As an additional advantage, cockatiels can learn to whistle songs, although men are more likely to get a tune than women. Elephant bird The Elephant Bird is said to have inspired the Roc that became famous in the Sinbad stories and Marco Polo stories. Although Aepyornis was not as big and terrible as the Roc who ate elephants, it was one of the largest birds ever. The ratite grew to about ten to eleven feet long and is estimated to have weighed up to 1100 pounds.

The hyacinths are truly the “bird of dreams” of all bird lovers. The Hyacinth macaw can reach a total length of up to 42 inches and has a peak pressure that can easily remove a bar-folded wrought iron cage bar in no time. Despite its enormous power, this is one of the most relaxed and easy to carry macaws. The Kea has been recruited by many as the smartest bird in the world in the top ten of smart birds. The Kea is located in New Zealand and is actually a parrot. This extremely intelligent bird knows to be very cunning when it comes to finding or stealing food.