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Possibilities include reflector options for mounting at different heights and angles for a wide selection of heating applications. Applications include control options that allow the installation of the heater where no power supply is available, point heating and surface heating. Standard and custom ceramic belt manufacturer of ultra high temperature and advanced immersion heaters.

These assembled mats are installed in stainless steel outer pods for maximum corrosion resistance. The segmented tile mat and flexible stainless steel cover with notches provide a high degree of flexibility and can be adapted to running dimensions as small as Ø2.00 “barrel diameters. Manufacturer of heaters, including ceramic belt and ceramic fiber heaters in natural gas or propane. Capacities include 26,000 to 160,000 Btu / hour. Porous ceramic emitters designed to operate in a temperature range from 1600 to 1800 degrees F.

Heaters Controls And Sensors LTD., Is a manufacturer of heaters, custom control panels, controls and sensors. We also offer instrumentation solutions for industrial, oil, chemical and food equipment applications. Electric heating elements provide an essential heating source in industrial applications by rapidly increasing the temperature of the heating medium.

The temperature range of belt warmers can range from 300 to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Strip heaters can also be attached or screwed to achieve direct heat transfer to the air or to a solid object. In ceramic belt warmers, the nickel chrome wire is embedded in a flexible outer wall made of interlocking Mica Bands special ceramic tiles, which are mounted as a brick wall. This set features a ceramic fiber insulation mat and a stainless steel jacket. This construction prevents heat loss and reduces electricity consumption by 20%. Belt heating distributor for use in plastic processing applications.

Due to its low mass, it can cool down relatively quickly. By using exothermic materials and generating heat by screw rotation, the MPI Morheat Starflex belt heater has been adapted for heating and cooling functions. Due to its low mass, the Starflex band can cool down relatively quickly. Two-part terminals, located on two lines at one end of each half, separate band. An energized ceramic belt heater has a temperature of 350 ° F to 450 ° F in the outer shell when the indoor temperature remains at 1200 ° F. Various thicknesses of ceramic fiber insulation carpets are available to improve energy savings.

Available in most mica belt warmers with cables or mail terminals. There are some limitations, such as the minimum size. Thermal Corporation designs and produces mica belt warmers. Each mica belt heater is manufactured to your specifications and can be shipped as quickly as many factory heaters if necessary.