How To Train Your Cat To Like The Cat Bed IS Possible!

Otherwise, lift her up as quickly and gently as possible and put her body between your side and your elbow. If your little girl shows a lot of fear or aggression, you may need to wrap her in a towel again before taking her out of the baby carrier. Here are his tips for traveling with your feline friends this summer. Once the door is closed and your cat is safe inside, try lifting the carrier so you can become familiar with the feeling of being transported. If your cat still seems nervous, try putting a blanket or familiar bedding over the entrance.

Buy a cat bed for each cat a few weeks before your trip or move. It should be big enough for them to stretch, to roll and lie down. Whether you’re using a cat bed or kennel, fill the bottom of the carrier with a fluffy towel or an old sweatshirt. If the towel or sweatshirt smells like you, the comfort level of your cats increases. A soothing aromatherapy spray like this one from Feliway is also great to have on hand. Make the cat comfortable with the carrier a few weeks before departure.

Too many cats don’t get regular wellness visits because of the drama the cat bed can bring. If they then go to the doctor, it is because they are very sick. Cats prefer to feel their backs against something, which creates safety. That’s why you see them go to the sink or corner or sit on the scale during the visit. There is certainty in the knowledge that they will not be ambushed from behind.

Cats seem to be incredibly psychic and like to hide on the day of the trip. Place the carrier in the room and leave the carrier door open. This makes it easier to load the cat into the carrier in the morning.

P.S. If you’re traveling with long-distance cats and staying overnight, be sure to read my cat tips for staying in a hotel with a cat. Is there Best Cat Food For Bengals a safe and happy place in the house that your cat loves? Place the cat bed in a place where your beloved kitten wants to explore it.