How To Choose A Baby Play Mat?? Or Play Gym?

Gedurende die tijd zullen ze “primaire circulaire reacties” maken. Baby’s van 4 maanden of ouder beginnen een groter bewustzijn te ontwikkelen en beginnen acties te herhalen alleen omdat ze het leuk vinden. Je begint het speelgoed dat aan de mat hangt te gooien en te schoppen.

For the most part, two arches, decorated with cute toys, help keep the baby busy for hours while playing. Small toys, move and stimulate your little one and help you enjoy my time. Soft carpets also help little ones to enjoy ‘belly time’. Babies are also born with a reflex that moves their arm in any direction that looks at their head. This reflection is the beginning of your hand-eye development coordination. A baby play gym allows babies to use that ability intentionally rather than reflex when they reach objects.

This helps to improve communication between parents and the child. This activity gym skips the primary color palette and uses more subtle colors that blend more easily with most decorations. There is a crossbar on top with five attached cuddly toys and many different textures and colors that promote development. Skip Hop’s Treetop Friends Activity Gym is another popular choice we like.

Baby gyms are perfectly prepared for the developing vision of a newborn baby, because when a baby is under the gym, the toys hanging over it hang only 15 cm from their face. It is also best to see brightly colored or contrasting colored objects, creating most baby gyms (including ours)! This means that your baby’s eyesight is well stimulated while playing.

In addition to sensory stimulation, baby-playing mats will also facilitate the child’s awareness of sensory stimuli such as auditory and visual. Advantages of sensory stimulation: Carpets are also useful in stimulating the senses of babies. That is probably the main advantage of this educational toy. Game carpets produce different sounds, colors and textures that provide oral and sensory stimulation. When babies start to get teeth, they put these toys in their mouth and explore them.

Eyesight is stimulated and encouraged by the regular use of gyms to play babies. Although the baby’s eyesight is blurred at birth, continued use from birth to 6 months will see a noticeable improvement in speelkleed the baby’s visual perception and coordination. Baby-playing gyms also have mirrors and sounds as attached piano keys. These help to improve self-awareness and the sensory stimulation of sound and touch.

Toys that rattle or play music attract your baby’s attention and teach them to move their gaze to find the source of the sound. Several structured objects attract your baby’s attention when they experience something bumpy, wrinkled or soft when they reach it. Baby Play Gym offers several benefits that help develop the child. A play mat contains many different materials, toys and activities designed to entertain your child from a parent’s perspective.

And while this play mat is expensive, it becomes a fortress for older babies, so your little one can wear it for several years. You can use a gym from day one, but babies in three to six months love it more. During this phase, your baby develops hand-eye coordination, so grabbing hanging toys is a good habit. As soon as your baby starts to crawl, he continues with other toys (literally!). Whether you buy a baby play mat or wear a thick, brightly colored blanket.