How To Check Your Imei Number On Any Phone

IMEI or MEID is only used for telephones or other communication devices. These two numbers differ from the serial numbers. is based on the largest TAC database in the world. The IMEI check function is one of the most useful tools in the GSM industry. To meet your expectations, we add new information and specifications of the device every day.

Turn off the phone, remove the battery cover, and remove the battery to find the IMEI or MEID number The 14-digit MEID stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier and is intended to identify a mobile device in a similar way. Sometimes it is called an electronic serial number. You can translate the IMEI into a MEID by deleting the last digit. Just go to Google Settings, log in with your Google account and expand the Android tab.

ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number and is a unique identifier for your mobile device. IMEI and MEID are different formats of ESN numbers. Most modern smartphones use an IMEI number as an identifier. If you enter a number in a service such as the Swappa IMEI checker, you can confirm that the number is linked to the device described. This is particularly useful when you buy a phone from another person. You can also use services such as checking Swappa’s IMEI block list to determine whether the iPhone or Android device is allowed in all operator networks.

In fact, there are some ways to find the IMEI number on your smartphone, and one of the fastest and easiest methods is to use a special star code. It is illegal to change the IMEI of a device, but this is done. Thieves in particular will try to blacklist numbers and apply them to their stolen devices so that they can be reused. For this reason, we recommend that you never share or publish your IMEI number online or find your cloned device. This free tool informs you a little about the device and offers additional services such as a basic blacklist check.

You will also find the IMEI on an iPad (Wi-Fi + mobile phone model) You can find the IMEI of an iOS device from another iOS device on which you are logged on. To do this, go to Settings and tap your name at the top to open your Apple ID page. However, telephone manufacturers must have the IMEI of their devices written somewhere. For this reason, many of them are now recording it on the SIM card holder.

However, if your phone is not turned on, cannot respond, or cannot navigate your device, the methods mentioned above are difficult. The main goal of the IMEI is to provide your device with a unique identification number. In practice, the IMEI is very similar to the vehicle identification number used in the automotive industry. Although sometimes confused, the IMEI number is completely separate from its SIM number and cannot be changed.

Study the content carefully and decide which system you think is suitable for your iPhone. Find it outside the box your phone came into. Under your device name or device model, click the phone number to find the IMEI / MEID and ICID numbers On Android phones you will find the IMEI number in the Settings menu.

Click the Summary tab under your phone name to view the information. You may need to click two or three clicks to get the information you are looking for. I don’t remember your phone number or model number? Check here how to find your own iPhone phone number or Android phone, find the model number of your iPhone or Android phone, and how to find a lost phone. If you have the box out there, it should be placed on the back of the box. You can also log in to your online provider at any time and view information on your phone.

You just have to use our IMEI checker function. When using our free search function, we use the first six IMEI digits named TACs to find the exact model of the device. When the IMEI search engine finds your phone, the specification is displayed on the screen.