How To Catch Spotted Sea Trout The Complete Guide

There are multiple methods used for speck fishing and they can be caught by casting artificial lures or by bait fishing. In most cases, anglers will either work along a shoreline or around structure. Read How to Catch Speckled Trout in the Shallows, by Captain “Walleye Pete” Dahlberg, to learn more about how to target specks with lures. I fill my livewells with peanut bunker , and then live-chum the seatrout bait over the flats. The baitfish scatter, and we look for trophy specks crashing the bait on the surface.

In addition to live shrimp, artificial shrimp such as those made by D.O.A. Lures and GULP! Are popular on the Big Bend and can be fished just like the ‘real thing’. Spotted seatrout average from a couple of pounds up to four or five, with 10 pounds as the trophy grail, and specimens have been caught that top 17 pounds.

Though they don’t get as big as their redfish cousins, they’re beautiful fish that fight hard and are delicious to eat. Furthermore, weakfish are a subspecies of sea trout that populate the northeastern coast. All of the rigs, lures, baits and techniques are the same for all subspecies of sea trout so we will use the names interchangeably. These are often fished on a lead jig head and bounced off of the bottom relatively quickly. Gulp Shrimp work particularly well, as do a number of other shrimp imitations and some paddle tail lures that imitate mullet or other baitfish.

Anglers will it just the float depth so that the shrimp suspends just above the submerge grass or bottom. Many anglers of late have switched to using artificial lures, especially soft plastic baits, under the cork. The most popular terminal tackle for spotted seatrout is the popping cork rig. Best results are achieved by popping the cork periodically to simulate live action. By varying the retrieve, frequency of popping, and the depth of bait, the best action for the catching trout can be found. Live fish such as mullet or pinfish and dead shrimp can also be effective.

Anglers can choose a tail that resembles the available forage. The spotted seatrout, also known as speckled trout or simply called specks by some, is one of the most popular fish pursued while Chesapeake Bay fishing. They are best known for their beautiful spotted silvery sides, purplish hue, and the drumming or purring noise the males make during spawning season shortly before sunset. But you’ve got to catch ’em before you can cook ’em, so let’s get started down this road with a look at catching some specks in the waters near Smith Island. Soft plastic jerkbaits made with glitter or flash are among the best light-tackle lures for sea trout. Jerkbaits can be rigged weedless using a 2/0 wide gap hook, so they are perfect lures to use on the grass flats.

Fish the baits at various depths until you find where the fish are holding. When a fish is caught, stop and start casting lures or baits in the area-normally there are more around. Trolling speeds should be slow-no more than 2-3 knts or even slower.

I have three livewells in my boat, and I like to put them all to good use. During certain times of year, I am rolling with one well full of jumbo shrimp, one full of big finger mullet, and another full of palm-size pogies . I can’t tell you how many times those trout will turn up their noses at beautiful live shrimp and not let a pogy touch the water before they inhale it. In this shallow water, I rarely use rattled speckle trout lures. I like bright colors in extremely clear conditions and dark colors in muddy water.

As a guide, my bread and butter for speckled trout fishing in North Carolina is fishing with popping corks and soft plastics. That is probably the easiest and most productive way of fishing for speckled trout Guided Fishing Boat Charters Bradenton Florida throughout most of the year here. The beauty of speckled sea trout is their willingness to strike artificial lures. Throughout their range, trout have no problem smashing all sorts of fake offerings.

When you find a structural feature that may be productive, fish it longer. If you catch a trout, get a bite, or just see active baitfish, this may be a good time for a 2 pole approach. Set up one surf rod and reel with natural bait cast into the specific area of activity. Work around the surrounding area with your artificial lure. If they are finnicky, the natural bait should close the deal. Spotted sea trout are one of the most popular fish for surf fishermen along the southern east coast and the gulf coast.

My personal favorite is to toss noisy surface lures across shallow grass flats. I often catch bigger trout on topwater lures and with suspending baits. Shallow-diving lipped plugs or the venerable suspending twitch baits are also equally effective on trout and often the better choice mid-day. The absolute top artificial set-up for anglers of any skill level is the popping cork rig. This simple rig consists of a foam float with a cupped face suspended above a jig or live bait.