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This study focuses on the important role of business coaching with a lean startup approach to designing coaching programs. It helps increase the innovative behavior of female entrepreneurs. When planning activities, accelerators should combine different theories of AVGS Berufs & Gründungscoaching entrepreneurial coaching and experience for the business plan. This study showed that age is an important factor in the development of innovative work behaviour. The experiences of online coaches are full of expert guidelines and their opinions on future performance.

Hiring a starting business coach can mean the difference between exponential growth and business failure. A professional mentor brings their expertise to the table to help you achieve your desired goals. The independent variable is the lean startup approach; the dependent variable includes IWB, age-moderating role and mediating role of business coaching. The lean startup model requires experimentation in exploring opportunities. Slavik et al. support strategic decision-making and argue that efficient search and iterative event planning are unstructured. This study includes lean startup strategy, business consulting and startups with innovative work behavior of women.

CoachHub is the leading people development solution that equips all employees with the skills to become highly effective and prosperous individuals. We offer personalized, measurable and scalable digital coaching programs that fit your business goals. A prepared business coach serves as your direct business expert as you map out your way of claiming business ownership and explore this journey. Most high-quality business coaches have proven experience in creating profitable businesses and working with entrepreneurs to develop their business.

This technique, on the other hand, can be seen as a symbolic boundary that encourages people to use the approach to show their competencies. This allows individual consumers to analyse reliable scientific statistics (Lǎ zǎ roiu et al., 2021; Valaskova et al., 2021c). Business coaches can not only be helpful in developing or developing businesses, but they can also help build a new business from scratch. They can guide owners and executives through the process of building their business.

“Disciplined entrepreneurship”, “discovery-driven strategy” and “groping and learning” are some of the concepts of this methodology (Sull, 2004; Williams et al., 2021). This technique helps to integrate different approaches and philosophies, such as designing thinking models, creating frameworks for customers and concepts for software development. The most critical aspect of this approach is that it supports learning through a series of well-designed studies (Chengbin et al., 2022). In terms of functional implications, these tests involved acceptable failures and elasticity with practical implications (Frederiksen and Brem, 2017; Matkevičienė and Jakučionienė, 2021). The lean startup methodology is based on a formal and strict information system and a different vocabulary (Krulicky and Horak, 2021; Zhang et al., 2021).

The study analyzes the creative work behavior of female entrepreneurs and lean startup approaches. In addition, analyze the role of business coaching in mediating between the learning initiation strategy and IWB, and moderate the role of age between variables. A formal questionnaire was used to obtain data in this analysis, which was conducted using a quantitative approach. The study population is Peru and the sample for data collection in this analysis are female solar entrepreneurs in Lima, Peru.

Undoubtedly, building a new business is extremely difficult, especially if you don’t have relevant experience and skills. You need an experienced person like Tanmay Panchal who can help you in any way you can. Tanmay Panchal not only allows you to grow your business, but also helps you build and properly set up a good HR, sales and development team. In the end, it depends on the specialties and experience of the coach. If you’ve already worked with high-level companies, you’re more likely to offer your services to large-scale companies.

CoachHub’s global group of coaches consists of more than 3,500 certified business coaches in 90 countries on six continents with coaching sessions available in more than 60 languages, to serve more than 500 clients. Our programs are based on the advanced research and development of our Coaching Lab, led by Prof. Jonathan Passmore and our Science Council. CoachHub is backed by leading tech investors including Sofina, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Molten Ventures, Speedinvest, HV Capital, Partech and Silicon Valley Bank/SVB Capital.

The procedures support the concept that differentiation, as well as performers, are important. In addition, blended training formalizes and seeks to achieve mutual goals through informal programming where individuals identify specific problems or meet specific needs (John &West-Leuer, 2013). Some researchers focus on educational measurement and entertainment, so advisors, successors, and materials are essential (Devine et al., 2013). In the literature there is no mention of the judgment of a successful mentor. For example, in the act of progress, the coach is an expert or sociologist who can address social and personal problems. Coaches are often visionaries, leaders or individuals from the industry who indicate a temporary or permanent need (Myers et al., 2005).