50 Cutest Dog Breeds As Puppies

They don’t shed because they don’t have an undercoat, so they’re a tender friend for allergy sufferers. Maltese dogs have a magnetic, cavapoos for sale near me playful and energetic personality and are great companion dogs. They love their family and enjoy cuddling and sleeping in their bed.

You can’t forget to include Pomeranians in the list of the most beautiful dog breeds! They are so cute and look like real toys thanks to their fluffy figures and sweet faces. They are considered one of the smartest dog breeds, which can be a blessing and a curse for dog owners. They learn quickly and can follow instructions quite well, but they can also be stubborn. They are a very social breed and for the most part they can be easy to train with consistent and routine training techniques.

See if you agree with any of these options as some of the cutest dog breeds in the world. And if not, let us know if your dog is cuter and why in the comments. CBCK-Christine/Getty Images The Disney classic “Lady and the Tramp” threw cocker spaniels into the spotlight in the 1950s. Their cute puppy face stays with them all their lives with long drooping ears and expressive eyes.

| Poodle disqis/iStock/Getty ImagesThe most stereotypical glamour dog is the poodle with its elaborate hairstyles and fresh elegance. But do not think that this beautiful dog is all fluff and not substance. It is also one of the smartest and easiest dog breeds to train.

As puppies, they have a cute but elegant and bright appearance that is hard to resist. Siberian huskies are some of the most beautiful dogs out there. They have a rather majestic and wild appearance and are the fourteenth most popular dog breed in the country. These dogs are outgoing and can be a bit naughty because they have a lot of energy.

Ahead, check out the most incredibly beautiful dog breeds you’ll love to have.

These dogs are full of energy, love walks, hang out with their human family and play with children. “Pit bull” is not a breed, but rather a category for several breeds, including American Staffordshire terriers. These dogs tend to be affectionate, friendly and playful. But they do need vigorous daily walks and play sessions to channel their high energy. Siberian husky | Lisa_Nagorskaya/iStock/Getty Images Have you ever looked at the ice blue eyes of a Siberian husky?