5 Ways To Use Canvas Prints To Display Artwork At Home

You can use our design as a wall function or get creative with a practical approach. If you first place canvas prints on the floor, you can visualize what your gallery wall will look like when it is finished. If you are satisfied with your layout on the floor, take a photo with your phone and recreate the gallery on your wall. We list all custom formats in which our canvas prints are available, so you can be inspired by which types of images make the most sense for each size and space. You can also consult our guide to canvas sizes to see images of different styles. Larger frames are generally priced higher and harder to carry due to their heavy weight and delicate glass insert.

A good way to change things a bit is to choose works of art that don’t live within the limited edges or a rectangular or square frame. This inn is a living room designed by Studio DB is a true wonder. Light turquoise painted floors and deeper matt blue walls provide the perfect backdrop for a playful wall of gold mirrors, religious iconographies and more modern portraits. If you no longer have wall space or just have to hide a less than ideal view, hang your artwork over a window. Interior designer Krystal Mathews found the perfect artwork and frame to brighten up the window seat and let in enough light. Expose some small framed paintings to a subtle yet cheeky gallery wall in the bedroom.

The key is to be creative and find different ways to combine your canvas prints with other tapestries. So if you are looking for an elegant and playful look of your living space at the same time, mix different styles of wall decoration to reflect your personal taste. Speaking of custom wall decoration, nothing beats having your favorite date, poem or lyrics written on the wall. You can request that each text be displayed, choosing from a wide variety of beautiful professionally crafted fonts and in the color of your choice.

Separate prints come in hexagonal shapes of different sizes and you can also choose between different wraps and different edges. The shapes allow you to create unique collages that fit into any wall space. Meanwhile, it gives a classic look to artistic impressions. Some of the world’s most famous paintings are made on stretched canvas and it is still the medium chosen by many excellent artists.

You deserve a house that you feel loyal, so it is important to choose wall art that embodies your unique personality. Instead of selecting pieces of cookie cutter, add your own spin to your space by creating meaningful, personalized canvas prints from your best memories or Buy Abstract Canvas Art best travel images. Nobody wants to look at an empty wall all day, so wall art is such a crucial part of the decoration process. From gallery walls to DIY pieces such as framing your accessories and large-scale photography, we have many art ideas to boost your creativity.

Today, most cloths are made of cotton, linen or polyester. During the photographic printing process, the color seeps into the fabric made of cotton fibers while remaining on the surface of the synthetic polyester strands. The combination of the highest quality materials and techniques results in vibrant colors that will not fade over time into strong, durable fabric. Make your design and bring your art to life on your wall. Bring a touch of nature to your wall decoration with this floral canvas art idea. Print a photo and print it or find a photo in a flower magazine on a dark background for inspiration.

If you have a larger wall, you can choose smaller canvas prints that come in series to fill all the space on the wall. You can place these artwork in collage form or make it look like a gallery wall. You should also consider the type of space for each printout.