17 Ways To Make Money With Your Art

Other digital printing sites and services such as Flyeralarm and Red Bubble are other ways to explore the sale of digital prints. You can sell your prints designed for non-commercial use, commercial use or premium exclusive use, with the buyer appropriating the design once it is purchased. In this case, you will receive a one-time fee that generally has a higher price, so that the buyer has exclusive rights to use the printout. For non-exclusive categories, you are entitled to a 50% commission on all sales through Pattern Bank. If packing and shipping or selling in an online market isn’t your thing, it might be filming art tutorials or fast paint videos. With over a billion users, YouTube is the perfect platform to promote your artistic talent.

You can also offer customers rewards in exchange for their monthly payment. Maybe I’ll send you an impression every month, or you can give them access to a private community of like-minded followers, such as a private Facebook page or a discord channel. I’m part of a mentoring program and another great thing my mentor does is to include a community aspect.

Big Cartel – Big Cartel is one of the websites that you could use technically for free and still sell your artwork. They have pricing models in the range up to about $ 30 a month, but the best part is that you don’t have to pay them a commission for the items you sell. You simply pay them the fixed monthly rate for each plan you have chosen and you can keep all the profit from your artworks. The problem is that they have told him all his life that it is almost impossible for an artist to make a living. While there is no doubt that it is a challenge for an artist to get rich with their creations these days, it is actually easy enough to make a little money by selling their art online. Without good marketing sales, you don’t sell a lot of digital art downloads, let alone art.

You can meet in person and accept cash or checks if you wish. After all, if you already have a Facebook commercial page, it is very easy to set up a store that allows you to sell directly on Facebook. Artplode is a high-quality online art gallery where distributors, artists, galleries and collectors buy and sell art for free. Artplode charges a low and a fixed amount of $ 60 to advertise any artwork.

As we mentioned earlier, more people buy visual arts online than ever, so there is an opportunity for artists to generate online income and introduce their art to the online art market. Many options are available so you can make money by selling artistic and artistic prints on the online market and local art fairs. I started buying cheap pieces like sketches and prints from leading artists ($ 1,500 and more) and paintings from second-rate investment quality artists ($ 2,500-7,500). This type of purchase kept my risk relatively low, so if I made an occasional mistake like buying a fake portion or paying too much it wouldn’t break me. Finally, I have put together a charming collection of good pieces that are more than 1000% appreciated.

If you have technical issues and some of the other websites in this list intimidate you, you definitely want to consider Storeenvy because it is absolutely easy to configure and use.

Illustrators, painters and even installation artists or sculptors can take advantage of the sale of high-quality prints of their artwork. This opens the door for fans who may not be able to reach the price of an original part, allowing you to diversify the type of collectors it attracts. You can print and sell directly wood keychains or use one of the many online services, such as Society6, that allow artists to easily sell prints online, in return a small commission. Many of these sites also sell products such as smartphone covers, scarves and backpacks with their artwork printed directly on them, so you can offer something to everyone.