12 Genius Eyeliner Tricks And Hacks

It may seem like an obvious step in your makeup routine, but in my opinion blush is the most underestimated product. A pair of cream or powder blush sweeps along the high points of your cheeks give your full look a brighter and warmer finish with pure ease. “I wear blush on all my customers: it gives the skin a fresh and rejuvenated look and adds the perfect amount of depth to the face,” Lakeisha Dale’s makeup artist told Cosmo. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to choose a bright pink blush or something: try looking for something soft and shiny, like one of the selections below. When making a bomb eyeshadow, always print your eyelids and then use a light, neutral color that matches your skin over the entire lid. This creates a basis to facilitate the combination of deeper colors.

Just dip a cotton swab in the eye cream, remove the excess in your hand and then let it run along the edge of your eyeliner. “Repeat the process until you perfect your coating, clean the brush and moisten with the cream if necessary,” he says. If you’re looking for instructions on how to apply smoky eyes, you’ll easily feel overwhelmed by intricate, multi-color multi-pointed tutorials.

Then you wipe it when you’re done, ”said makeup artist Desirae Cherman. Sometimes even the best makeup artists need some help when it comes to winged lines, and this is where this fail-safe tip comes eyeliner tattoo in. If you find intimidating wings, Tanno tells him to make a guide with an eyebrow pencil. Look straight into the mirror and splash your eyes open the pencil of the forehead wherever you want.

I like to be sure that the form I believe will continue and will not be transferred to other parts of the eye or eye area, ”he says. Due to their versatility, round eyes can reach any appearance, regardless of the lining they want to use. “If you want to lengthen the eye, you can just go with a traditional cat eye and raise the lining when you do that and reach for effect in the corner of the eye,” he says.

We support you with these makeup artist-approved tips to make the look work for you, not for you below. Follow the natural shape of your eye, keep the lining close to the top lash line and kick up at the end to lift your eye. If you have wrinkled your eyelids, you can still use an eyeliner. Just keep it close to your lash line and between hair and skin, no dramatic wings needed.” To begin with, Merrady Wickes, a makeup artist and beauty director at Detox Market, ensures that this is a common dilemma rather than a personal failure, which I appreciate. She blames genetics, which is unexpected but no less welcome.

When it comes to who gets the honor of lifting the eye, checkers always win. Whether liquid eyelins, gels or pencils, different types of eyeliner positions can create the illusion of larger, longer and raised eyes. But the eyes are there in many forms, so the application is not unique to everyone. To learn some of the best ways to apply eyeliner for different eye shapes, we asked five famous makeup artists who gave us the best advice.